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Swing Dance Federation

Regional public organization Federation of Swing Dancing of the city of Moscow was established by the founding meeting on June 22, 2004 and was legally registered by RF Ministry of Law on July 8, 2004. Main objectives of the organization under the charter facilitate development of swing dance culture, provide professional training to the dancers, organize local, regional, national and international events, and ensure cultural and historical continuity of swing dancing style.

Upon the decision of general meeting on November 25, 2004 the Federation changed its status from territorial to inter-regional due to the establishment of regional branches that represent the interests of swing dance clubs located in Russia. Corresponding amendments to the Charter were legally registered in the Uniform State Register.

At the conference on February 6, 2005 the branches of Ivanovo region, St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad regions joined the Federation and the Federation board was re-elected. Presently, heads of all swing clubs of European part of Russia are members of the Federation Presidium.

Members of the Presidium

Vladimir Ishimov (President)
Ekaterina Avlasevich (Vice-President International Relations)
Dmitry Tarasov (Vice-President Public Relations)
Tatiana Egorova (Vice-President Youth Activities)
Aleksey Orekhov (Vice-President for Relations with Sports Organizations)
Dmitry Muraviev (Vice-President Regional Development)
Alexander Vovnichenko (Head of the Panel of Judges)
Ilya Obshadko (Executive Director)
Ivan Sbitnev
Anna Bakhtiyarova
Andrey Prokopenko
Nelli Nazarova

Official Details of the Federation

Full name Inter-regional public organization Federation of Swing Dancing
Abbreviation MROO FTSS
Legal address 107014, Moscow, Rusakovskaya str., 22, appt. 97

Regional Branches of Swing Dance Federation

  • Nizhny Novgorod (Dmitry Muraviev, President)
  • Ivanovo region (Nelli Nazarova, President)
  • Kaliningrad (Anton Prannyk, President)
  • Yaroslavl region (Aleksey Orekhov, President)
  • St. Petersburg (Ekaterina Avlasevich, President)
  • Moscow (Ksenia Semenikhina, President)
  • Tula region (Mikhail Postolit, President)
  • Pyatigorsk region (Maxim Vdovchenko, President)

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