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International competitions & shows

Boogie Woogie dancer's performance

Fast Boogie Woogie from World Champions Aina Nygård and Jørgen Brudal Sandnes (Norway) (32,70 )
Slow Boogie Woogie from World Champions Aina Nygård and Jørgen Brudal Sandnes (Norway) at "Boogie and Swing in Toulouse, 2003" (9,96 )
Fast Boogie Woogie from World Champions Michael Grimm and Andrea Schiffer. (10,05 )

Lindy Showcase at US Open 2003

Lindy Showcase (802,4 )

National competitions & shows

You can finnd items in our Photo Gallery also.

"Crystal" casino cup, Moscow 14.10.2003 (filmed by A.Medvedev)

Excerpts from finals: Ksenia Semenikhina & Maxim Sheremeta, Daria Perminova & Andrey Lebedev, Tatiana Georgievskaya & Dmitry Nagorny, Elena Boytsova & Sergey Kryuchkov, Lyudmila Radchenko & Anton Prannyk. (5,50 )

Awards ceremony & winners jam: Lyudmila Radchenko & Anton Prannyk, Tatiana Georgievskaya & Dmitry Nagorny, Ksenia Semenikhina & Maksim Sheremeta, Elena Boytsova &l Sergey Kryuchkov. (12,00 )

Performance at the Khoronko Orchestra concert 14th of February at Concert hall Mir.

"Dear Moskovites" - Aslanov Sergey, Zavarnova Loubov, Martirosov Dmitry, Murashko Anastasia, Sotnikov Pasha and Chupyrkina Dasha are dancing. (40,36 )

"Balboa" of Maria Krokhina & Alexei Gudovich at Open Cup of TantsKlass Club 16-th of February 2008.

"Balboa - Main Class" final jam of Maria Krokhina & Alexei Gudovich. (37,66 )

Alina Postolit & Roman Tukhtaev dancing in "Boogie Woogie Juniors".

"BW Juniors" Alina & Roman at Russian Cup, 17-th of November 2007. (30,16 )
"BW Juniors" Alina & Roman at TantsKlass Cup, 16-th of February 2008. (39,70 )
"BW Juniors" Alina & Roman at Pussian Championship, 19-th of April 2008. (31,34 )

Video from dance camps, workshops, festivals, parties

You can finnd items in our Photo Gallery also.

Promo of Moscow Swing Dance Camp (based on MSDC IV in June, 2004). (29,06 )

Promo of official DVD X-mas Moscow Swing Dance Camp 2007. (7,18 )

Movie from dance party at the Boof with Metro Big Band (USA), 25th of September, 2007. (21,86 )

From TV

Series of plots from "Up to 16 and beoynd", russian TV programme for teenagers

Talk about boogie woogie and swing dancing, dance history etc (in Russian), a few dance fragments (9,03 )

Talk about lindy hop (8,20 )

Next plot: couple dancing in general, festival in "Krylya Sovetov" 19-20.05.2001. Hustle, charleston, boogie woogie. (11,59 )

STS Programme "095".

"Sultans of Swing" festival in B2, Moscow 27.01.2002. (10,95 )

About boogie woogie in Russian TV morning programmes

Ksenia & Volodya teach to dance (10,15 )

Another plot from ORT (2,65 )

About dance and dancers

Plot from TNT channel (11,79 )

Another plot from TNT channel (7,22 )

"Dance" festival in Hermitage Garden, Moscow, Aug 13, 2005

1st channel of Russian TV, Royal Crown Revue in Moscow. (2,79 )

"Sport with the Mood" of TV "Center, Moscow, Dec. 12, 2007

Club "DanceClub" in the plot of TV "Center". (19,70 )

Plot of "REUTERS" from "Swing Boom 2009 at Sokolniki park" Jul. 26, 2009

Moscow swing community, dancing on live music in Sokolniki park. (14,39 )

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