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Swing something you must learn to do.

Vintage fashion couldnt but return and so it did. The collections of the best fashion designers are a good evidence of this, so are the shopwindows of expensive boutiques. But surely there is more in vintage than just the clothes it is a lifestyle, one of the basic components of which is a dance called swing.

Swing is a dance style that appeared in Harlem during the Great Depression, when Lindy hopped the Atlantic, i.e. Charles Lindbergh was the first to fly from New York to Paris. Lindy Hop a basic swing dance was named after this event, comparable to Gagarins deed. During World War II Lindy hopped the Atlantic once again and settled in Europe under the name Boogie Woogie. It was not until very recent times that this dance style (finally) reached Russia. Now the stylish Boogie got into clubs and hid itself there that happened because unlike with many other club dances one has to learn to dance boogie woogie and lindy. You cant do that in one evening by no means, but definitely you CAN do this if you love this music and style and want to learn how to swing.

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